What We Do

SISTA FIRE is co-creating a network of women of color to build our collective power for social, economic and political transformation. At the center of our work are SISTA Circles, through the circles we will provide space for deep interpersonal and leadership development.

During the summer of 2017, our very first SISTA Circle began collaborating on a participatory action research project. The SISTA Circle connected with and interviewed over forty women in Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls. The interviews included questions about how women are navigating their current economic situations, identifying their current networks, and their hopes for the future. We learned of women’s strengths, ideas, challenges, and goals, along with issues most important to them.  The interviews are helping us define and create new narratives from our own vantage point along with informing our action plans.

SISTA Circle Transformative Leadership Training (SCTLT)

A 13-week leadership and political education training that embodies a Transformative Justice Framework that develops member’s analysis of systems of oppression through their lived experiences, utilizing a popular education approach, skills building, and centering healing and spiritual practices. 

Components of the SISTA Circle:

  • Circles are limited to 15 members at a time
  • Wellness and healing practices are integrated into sessions
  • Trainings will include communications, advocacy, research and more
  • Identify strategies for economic stability
  • Beyond our staff, the Circle will have guest trainers, speakers and artists join us for different sessions to broaden our perspectives and learning
  • Members will lead collective action projects that emerge out of our lived experiences
  • Child care is available to support members participation

SISTA Circle Time Commitments:

  • Meeting once a week for 13 weeks
  • 3 Hour Orientation

SISTA Circle Application Process

The application process is designed to help us learn more about each new participant. Circles are limited to 15 members at a time, but if you are not accepted in this round you are automatically moved to another session. We work to create strong, diverse cohorts each session, to learn and grow together in order to move forward SISTA FIRE’s mission.

Justice Circle

The Justice Circle is an intergenerational space with a focus on building deep relationships with women of color whose work is centered around racial, economic, environmental, gender, and justice work. It is our core membership meeting, in which women of color attend to network, build skills, develop solidarity, and can actively participate. Please, sign-up for our email list to be part of the Justice Circle’s monthly meetings.