SISTA FIRE seeks to support and nurture women of color to come together to build our collective power for social, economic and political transformation.

Our work towards these goals is supported by four mission-aligned strategies:

  • Building a Strong Network– Networking is critical to strengthening women of color’s local power
  • Healing and Wellness–Integrating wellness and holistic practices, members gain new knowledge, understanding and practice to transform their lives individually and collectively
  • Growing our Economic Power– Forging community-led solutions to build economic strength
  • Organizing for Change– Organizing and the collective action of members will have a direct impact on the current conditions and policies women of color face

 SISTA FIRE aims to nurture a movement building culture in Rhode Island which centers the experience and leadership of women of color. By investing in women’s leadership capacity and creating space for women to build relationships, heal from their individual and collective trauma, develop their historic and systemic analysis, and strategize solutions, SISTA FIRE positions women of color to play a key civic role in the transformation of their communities.

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We believe deeply that women of color working together will change the conditions and the future of Rhode Island.

 Currently, women face some of the greatest challenges, including economic inequality, domestic violence, access to healthcare, etc. We will define a pathway to change through our bold vision, strong organizing and a fearlessness to hold our values. SISTA FIRE has multiple way you can engage. Join our journey for justice.