Who We Are

We are a small and growing network of women and non binary people of color from across Rhode Island. We are on a journey to create a space where we can build foundations for deep solidarity across differences, strengthen community connections, and create change in our lives and communities.

SISTA FIRE aims to build on the practices of strength from the past to engage in the present, and plant seeds for the future. The term women of colorwas crafted as a political term that encompasses the identities of women from different ethnic backgrounds. As our sister Loretta Ross described, “It is not a biological designation, but a solidarity definition.” It is a call to action, and an ask for a deep commitment to work in collaboration with other oppressed women of color. This term grew and pushed forward solidarity amongst women from Black, Latinx, Asian American and Native American communities. We give thanks to our sisters before us for this solidarity call.

SISTA FIRE’s long-term goal is to support a strong, grassroots network of women of color that focuses on economic empowerment, community-led action, healing and wellness. Join us in our journey!