What We Do


SISTA FIRE is co-creating a network of women of color to build our collective power for social, economic and political transformation

JUSTICE CIRCLE / Core Monthly Membership Meeting

The Justice Circle is an intergenerational space with a focus on building deep relationships between women of color. We center on racial, economic, and gender justice work. It is our monthly membership meeting, in which women of color attend to network, build skills, develop solidarity, and actively participate. All SISTA Fire members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please, sign-up for our email list to be part of the Justice Circle’s monthly meetings.


Collective Members: Women/womyn of color who have expressed that they are interested and have come to one or more events as part of our general membership. General membership meetings happen monthly at our Justice Circle.

SISTA Members: Women/womyn of color who are active in the collective membership, attend monthly Justice Circle meetings, engage and volunteer their time, are involved in decision making processes with leadership and staff, attend retreats, and/or participate in coordinating committees (see below). They are passionate and committed to justice.

All members must attend an orientation session.


Local Advisory Committee: SISTA Members and allies who actively support staff in organizational development, attend monthly meetings, and take part in decision making for organizational health, finance, budgeting and fundraising.

Organizing Committee: SISTA members who help lead in organizing work and campaigns related to outreaching, base-building, skill building, building local power, direct actions and mobilizing efforts.


SISTA Circle Transformative Leadership Training (SCTLT)

At the center of our work, we believe in creating space for deep interpersonal and leadership development for women/womyn of color between the ages of 18-30 years old. We provide a 13-week leadership and political education training that embodies a Transformative Justice Framework that develops members’ analysis of systems of oppression through their lived experiences, utilizing a popular education approach, skills building, and centering healing and spiritual practices.


All members must pay a yearly membership fee with a sliding scale of $5.00 – $15.00.